About Us


Qatar and other gulf countries are presently one of the best places to live in the world. People from many different corners come here to get the taste of a luxurious lifestyle. But to do that they need to find good jobs, because without money they cannot enjoy here. It is not like there are not enough jobs in these Arab countries. The nations that are developing at such a pace have a constant need of labor force. It is however not always easy for a person to find the right job. But that’s what Gulf Infinity is for.

Gulf Infinity is an online platform that matches people with jobs. We help skilled and non skilled people find appropriate jobs in the Gulf region as well as other Arab countries. Those who are the citizens here or have migrated from other countries can find a job that suits their preferences. And not just that, the people who want to hire someone can also get help from us. They can find the right person for the job they have to offer through our website. We provide complete jobs and hiring solutions online.

How it works?

Those looking for a job can visit our website and get a free membership. For that you will have to create a complete profile. In this you will be asked for some info regarding your qualification and skills, etc. Based on that, you will be regularly notified about the jobs best suited for you. Then you can either select one of the recommended jobs browse through the others to find the right one. When you have, you can apply for it and the employer will be notified of your interest. They will contact with the details of the next step like an interview or something. If all goes well, you will get the job. This generally takes only a few days.

If you are looking for you an employee, you will have to register as an employer. After creating an account you can post your job. It will be visible to all those looking for that kind of job. Details of the interested people will be sent to you. Based on that, you can short list a few names for the interview. If everything seems fine after that, you can hire the person. To get quick and appropriate response, you should provide complete details of the job you are offering.

What is our goal?

There are many great jobs in the gulf region and other countries. And there are as many qualified people for those jobs. But due to the lack of a proper network these people are unable to get those jobs. Even the employers often have to settle for not so good employees. The only good solution to this problem is Gulf Infinity. Our website can help all those looking for or offering a job in this part of the world. Whether you have professional skills or not we help you get the right job for you and thus have the lifestyle you always dreamt of.

Our Mission:

We hope to provide the best online services to find a good job or hire an appropriate employee. Our mission is to bring an evolution in the field of recruitment of labor force. Whether you need household help or a technical expert or a professional from any other sector, Gulf Infinity is here to help you. Or if you are looking for similar jobs, you can still seek our help. Our services are available for people residing all around the Middle East. We basically just want to make it very simple to get a job or hire someone. At the same time it should also be highly accurate so that the right person gets the right job.

Our Vision:

We see a future where every person has the job they are best at. This is beneficial not just for the employees but also for the employers. All the works that is needed to be done will be done in the best way possible, which will help in development of the individuals as well as the nations. And to make this future a reality we try to play an important and effective role in the society.