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Katoen Natie was founded in 1854 by four working partners. Their first activity consisted of cotton receiving. A ship was discharged in the harbor by captain and crew, assisted by locally recruited stevedores. Once the crane brought the goods on quay, they were received by the guild. The guild worked on commission for the buyer of the goods. Katoen Natie [cotton guild] worked in its infancy for the cotton-processing industry. The guild received the bales of cotton and handled their storage, weighing, sampling and distribution.

About Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie achieves great added value for its customers in the services it provides. The outstanding quality of the service and the continuous cost monitoring form the basis for sustainable customer relations.Katoen Natie operates port terminals, logistics terminals and on-site terminals. The group also provides all kinds of semi-industrial services, designs, builds and manages logistics platforms and complete supply chains to different industries.
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  • Van Aerdtstraat 33, 2060 Antwerpen, Belgium.

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