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Atomic Learning was founded in 2000 by a group
of ICT educators with the purpose of providing
educational resources that enable learners of all ages
to embrace ICT. The company is dedicated to
partnering with large schools to provide educational resources so that their teachers and students can effectively integrate ICT technology into their classrooms. Our collaborations have succeeded on a global level, and we currently serve more than 12 million individuals in over 22,000 schools, colleges
and universities worldwide. In Doha we are currently partnered with Qatar Academy and the American School of Doha.

Atomic Learning’s online training resources teach you “how do I do
that?” through a library of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies, and address “how do I apply that?” questions with complete continuing professional development and ICT integration solutions. In a cost efficient manner, Atomic
Learning can provide a professional development plan that will give your teachers the ability to bring ICT to the classroom and to their students.


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