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general English courses

Our general English courses provide a comprehensive program which includes everything from the rules of grammar and vocabulary building, to reading and listening exercises, as well as various speaking exercises...

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Institute : Excellence Training Center

Indian Classical Dance Training

Area : Al mamoura Course Fees: Ask Now Duration: 1 Hour Time / Schedule: Ask Now Dance » Indian...

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Institute : Excellence Training Center

Advanced Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection


This training will help you to:
  • Confidently recruit the right person for your vacancy.
  • Understand the importance of getting it right.
  • Use the most effective recruitment options and modern tools.
  • Know the steps to...

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Course Period : 4 days
Institute : other

Artificial Lift Systems

This course is most suitable for oil and gas professionals working as:

  • Engineers
  • Field Technicians
  • Everyone who designs, works with or operates various artificial lift...

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Course Period : 3 days
Institute : other

qualified internal auditor

qia is recognize through scottish credit & qualifications framework (scqf)qia is scqf credit rated by edinburgh napier university, uk.qia is bench marked against european qualifications framework (eqf)qia is externally assessed...

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Course Fees : QAR 5,000
Course Period : 3-4 months
Institute : Excellence Training Center

Certificate in Computerised Accounting

Enter accounting data at the beginning of an accounting period. Record customer transactions Record supplier transactions Record and reconcile bank and cash transactions Be able to use journal to enter transactions Produce reports Maintain the safety...

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Course Fees : QAR 2,950.
Course Period : 1.5 Months
Institute : Excellence Training Center

Chemistry Tutorial for IB Diploma

Area: Al Waab Street Course Fees: USD3200 Duration: 10 Week Time / Schedule: Saturday Secondary Stage »...

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Course Fees : USD3200
Institute : Family Computer Centre