Know your Job rights In Qatar

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Know your Job rights In Qatar

About Qatar

We all know that from the gulf countries Qatar is the leading and a top list of richest Arab countries. The capital city of the Qatar is Doha. Arabic is the national language of Qatar. Qatar is a high income economy and is a developed country, backed by the world’s third largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves. The country has the highest per capita income in the world.

Employee Rights

Some of the employee rights are given below. It will help to know more about Qatar laws.

Regulations and Contracts: The Qatar Labour Law which states that the Arabic language is the legally valid language used in employment contracts (Labour Law No. 14, 2004).But if you don’t know the Arabic language, a secondary language may be used for the employment contracts.

Working Days: Employees should not work more than 6 working days per week. If you work more than 8 hours the company should pay an extra amount to that employee. The exception to this is during Ramadan hours are shortened to six (6) hours per day.

Contract Terms: The Qatar labor law says employment contracts can have a range of duration, not more than five years. If anybody goes against this Qatar labor Law, then they should pay for this.

 Employee Protection

The following are some of the minimum standards in which employers are committed


Qatar labor law not set minimum wages, based on your contract only your wage. So make sure to read your contract, and then you can decide to go for a job.


Employees must agree the work specified contract and if you opt out of any work-related activities that will put at risk. For the genuine reason employees also have the right to terminate contracts.

Working Hours:

In the Qatar daily working hour is 8 hours, so 48 hours in a week (some companies Friday and Saturdays are off so 40 hours).  Ramadan month working time is 36 hours (in some place Friday and Saturdays are off so 30 hours). All employees have the right to take your lunch as well as prayer time. Friday is weakly off day for all Qatar employees except those who have shift. Those who are working on off day they should have the right to get that off day in another working day. Hot summer days those who were working outside their working time need to change into night.

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