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Mennatullah Mohamed Saadeldein Mohamed Mohamed Gaafar

 Egypt Category : Admin/Human Resources  Female Member from 2 years

Dear Recruiter

I’m submitting an application for HR vacancy in your esteemed organization.
I am currently employed as a Senior Academic Human Resources Officer at Zewail City of Science and Technology and planning to relocate to Qatar with my husband as he is currently located there.
Zewail City of Science and Technology is a learning, research and innovation institute. The University of Science and Technology in the City is serving the people of Egypt through preeminence in the creation, communication and application of science, research, technology and academic values.
My experience in Zewail City of Science and Technology assembly has afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with managing the personnel process overall the organization and compiling the organization process with the Egyptian labor law. Being a Human Resources Officer and Generalist allowed me to have a wide range of experience of all Human Resources tasks that is related to personnel, recruiting, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits and training.
Sustaining the practical experience with my educational qualifications “Human Resources Management Postgraduate Diploma” provided me with a solid foundation to establish a career in Human Resources.
Attached is my C.V. including my qualifications hopefully they meet your requirements.

Best Regards
Menna Saad

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  • the American University in Cairo
     2013 - 2014 :  Human Resources Management
      Grade / GPA  : A
      Qualification  : Human Resources Management Postgraduate Diploma
  • Ain Shams University
     2006 - 2010 :  Bachelor of Comparative English Language and Literature
      Grade / GPA  : 
      Qualification  : Bachelor


  • Zewail City of Science and Technology
     March 2016 – Present :  Senior Academic Human Resources Officer
      Yearly Salary  : 0000
      Job Duties  : 
    Compensation and Benefits Responsibilities: - Coordinate Compensation & Benefits processes including salary planning, management reviews, and the introduction of new benefits. - Conduct analysis, propose, design and develop compensation and benefits packages. - Ensure all employees’ compensation and benefit scheme are applied properly and equally. - Administer and manage employee insurance plans. - Be point of contact for staff and management for all Compensation and Benefits related matters. - Ensuring all packages and benefits are legal. Payroll and Personnel Responsibilities: - Maintain an updated Payroll Record of all employees’ details such as change in salary or allowances, unpaid leave, sick leave, loans, social insurance calculation, tax calculation or change in bank accounts. - Maintaining and developing personnel record systems (Menaitech Software, Mena Pay). - Perform overtime calculation and apply to the payroll. - Maintain employment files and records per company policy and legal regulations. Recruitment Responsibilities: - Performs recruiting functions collect and review candidate CVs and assess their suitability for and short-list the potential candidates and scheduling and performing interviews. - Extending Job Offer to the accepted candidate and arrange for the hiring process. Induction Program Responsibilities: - Liaison with the other departments regarding the induction delivery details (date, place, number of attendees, positions, names, etc…) - Create, update and prepare employee handbook. - Arrange for the training logistics (room reservation, catering and any other related tasks. - Update and deliver the induction presentation. Other Essential Responsibilities: - Assist in editing, communication and implementation of all HR policies and procedures. - Ensure HR forms and patterns (Leave form, personnel letters, recognition form, job applications, memo, etc.) are available for use and reviewed appropriately.
  • Zewail City of Science and Technology
     October 2014 – February 2016 :  Human Resources Officer
      Yearly Salary  : 0000
      Job Duties  : 
    Recruitment Responsibilities: - Post job adverts on the Am Cham website and coordinate with communications department to post vacancies on all social media links and the organization website after receiving the job description. - Works closely with assigned departments to deliver recruitment needs. - Coordinates proactively with departments for conducting panel interviews. - Conduct interviews for all Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants. - Screen and short list potential job applicants and refer them to department’s heads. Making sure that the shortlisting process is following the equal opportunities and diversity principal. - Perform exit interviews upon resignation or termination. Training Responsibilities: - Prepare and handling all training logistics (reservations, payments, etc...) - Obtain training quotations from different providers. - Handle all the training administrations. Personnel Responsibilities: - Extract and revise attendance reports for Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants. - Handle all Teaching Assistants seasonal academic members and Research Assistants contracts and renewals. - Managing and maintaining Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants secondment letter records. - Perform queries and extract reports from the HR personnel system. - Validate number of Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants under social insurance. - Prepare all HR related payment requests and ensure required documents are complete. - Monitor staff attendance activities. Payroll Responsibilities: - Adds any new employees on the monthly payroll list. - Includes any other changes such as salary increment, title change, etc. on the monthly payroll. - Receives and includes such as overtime, unpaid leave, sick leave reports…etc. to the monthly payroll report. - Calculates amounts due for resigned employees each to be reflected on the monthly payroll. - Overtime calculation according to the Egyptian Labour Law. Operational Responsibilities: - Work with the HR Director, HR representatives, headquarters, HR clerks and all the organization departments as well as outside government agencies and vendors. - Build credibility with employees to facilitate communication and respond to all HR related concerns. - Ensure that our legal obligations are met by tracking employee member records and conforming to all applicable laws in liaison with the legal department. - Creating different forms to be used in the HR department to enhance day to day operation. - Identify opportunities, make recommendations and implement process improvement.
  • Zewail City of Science and Technology
     September 2012 - September 2014 :  Human Resources Generalist
      Job Duties  : 
    - Prepare and maintain employment records related to events such as hiring, termination: • Bank account opening in liaise with the bank representative. • Issuing Zewail City personal ID in liaise with the IT department. • Preparing forms for the social insurance (forms 1, 6, 2) • Creating an e-mail account in liaise with the IT department. • Arrange for medical insurance subscription. • Ensure that the resigned employee is handing over all related work documents and the organizations’ assets by submitting end of service form signed from the concerned personnel. • Create leave settlements for employees who are going on leave. - Attendance and leave management. - Business card request validation before sending to communications department for printing. - Issues HR letters, service certificates, and other documents that may be requested by employees. - Building up database for all employees and update the HR Information System records. - Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential. - Set up, organize, filing and maintain department records “employees files, administration documents and forms, etc.” so that they are easily retrievable by department members. - Check and validate number of employees under social insurance. - Responds to and communicate with employees regarding HR related inquiries.
  • 2B Computers “Affiliate of Best Buy Group”
     March 2012 - August 2012 :  Human Resources Generalist
      Yearly Salary  : 0000
      Job Duties  : 
    - Developing HR policy and procedures manual for ISO 9001:2008 Certification. - Managing the employee’s data records. - Managing Recruitment Process. (Job Post, CV Screening, Selection, Interview, and Job Offer). - Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions. - Overtime Calculation and administering the payroll. - Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions. - Issuing all types of HR letters. - Appoint and monitor external training organization for specialist training courses. - Organize and conduct induction training sessions for all new employees. - Setting up the organizational structure, building and updating the chart. - Updating job descriptions.
  • Stream Global Services
     November 2010 - February 2012 :  Customer Support Professional Offshore USA
      Yearly Salary  : 0000
      Job Duties  : 
    - Handling customers over the phone. - Assisting the recruitment division (screening cvs, selection, interview, skills and language test, job offer)