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Romane Monnier

 Qatar  Female Member from 11 months


I\’m currently living in Doha, searching for an Au pair position. My name is Romane, I\’m 18, and I\’m French. I speak english and spanish quite well, and I\’ve been studying chinese for 3 years, so I have pretty strong basis. I love to learn new things, and discover diferent cultures. I stopped eating meat 2 years ago now, due to ethical reasons.
Concerning my family situation, I\’m the eldest of a big family. I have 2 brothers, 3 half brothers, and a half sister, – I also have two cats and a big dog. They\’re between 15 and 1 year, and they are all enought turbulent children, but in a kind of way I never get bored with them. I have to look after them pretty often and take care of them, so as you can guess I know how to deal with children. By the way, even though they often give me headaches, I believe that being the eldest has made me a very responsible and tolerant person.

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